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We focus on providing and recommending high quality turnkey solutions.

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We provide our chosen distinctive set of technology solutions and services for Homes and Enterprise applications.

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We provide similar and directly related products, services and solutions in GPS, Renewable energy and Smart Home Automation



We focus on providing and recommending high quality turnkey solutions and any technology related products including professional consultation on the specified solution to be embarked on with good customer service and care .


Denivano Technologies and Solutions is an engineering and technology consultancy in which the paramount focus is on delivering technology solutions within Global positioning Systems (GPS) tracking , Renewable energy engineering (Solar) and Smart home automation systems.

Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking Solutions

Denivano TS provides various tracking solutions based on existing GSM /GPRS network infrastructure for GPS related applications such as vehicle tracking, valuable assets monitoring, personal tracking, container tracking and Fleet management monitored by an online or software application.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Denivano TS takes pride in providing good technical design, supply and installation of renewable energy solutions that are Photovoltaic (PV) or Solar related which will provide electricity generation. Denivano TS also specialise in eco-friendly and energy saving products and solutions that are highly recommended to be used for any given electric based application for Homes and Commercial premises.

Smart Home Automation Solutions

Denivano TS provides Smart Home automation solutions for homes whereby current communication technologies and electronic systems are used and integrated together into a unified control system which enables the use of one smart electronic device to automatically control another Smart home related device without you doing a direct physical action to put into effect a given request.


Our main mission is to offer the best of our abilities acquired from experience to provide technology and solutions to domestic, commercial and public sector customers. The aim for all our customers is to achieve their desired end result. Our commitment is to deliver the solution or product according to customer needs where ever they may be in the world.