Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking Solutions

Denivano TS provides known GPS tracking solutions that will enhance and monitor your business or assets using GPS and GSM/GPRS technology. Denivano specialises in the following solutions

  • Taxi Cab and Private Vehicle GPS tracking solutions
  • School and College security GPS tracking solutions
  • Asset Monitoring GPS tracking solutions

The GPS tracking systems use a combination of technologies to keep real-time monitoring, tracking and records of the location of a vehicle, person or asset. GPS tracking also plays a key part in terms of security concerning any tracking solution that is applied. A basic diagram of a Vehicle GPS tracking system shows how the system works.

If you wish to know more about Denivano TS, and how we can help you with an ideal GPS tracking solution for the specific solutions mentioned above for your business, then feel free to Contact us stating your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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