Smart Home Automation Solutions

Smart home automation solutions involve the use of home appliances remotely or automatically. Denivano TS will be offering this solution as kits from dedicated manufacturers that have looked into Smart home automation which will serve its users that make use of digital technology in their daily home appliances control activities.

The Smart home automation systems and kits that we have on offer consist of products designed to work together using Wi-Fi technology. Smart Home Automation is equipped with ZigBee and Wi-Fi connectivity which connects to personal mobile devices and the home automation components directly via a Cloud server. Customers can install mobile applications on their own mobile smart devices, or choose a pre-integrated tablet with the mobile application already installed.

The Smart home automation system usually consists of about five control modules (Energy, Temperature, Automation, Security and Video). The systems or kits will control lighting and home appliances and will easily manage your energy consumption and appliance usage. The components in the kit solutions are easy to install and set up, while other advanced solutions require skilled personnel to install due to the advanced environment e.g. Tower apartments, Town house or Villa.

A simple diagram of a Smart home automation system configuration is shown in a block diagram.

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